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Yearbooks of the International Law Commission

Following a request by the Commission, the General Assembly, in resolution 987 (X) of 3 December 1955 (E, F, S, R, C, A), requested the Secretary-General to arrange for the printing of: (a) the principal documents (namely, studies, reports, principal draft resolutions and amendments presented to the Commission) relating to the first seven sessions, in their original languages, and the summary records of these sessions, initially in English; and (b) the principal documents and summary records relating to the subsequent sessions, in English, French and Spanish. As a result, an annual publication entitled Yearbook of the International Law Commission has been printed in two volumes in respect of each session (except the first session for which there is only one volume). The Yearbook has also been published in Russian since 1969, in Arabic since 1982 and in Chinese since 1989.

Select a session from the dropdown menu to access the respective Yearbook of the International Law Commission.*

*Note that the Yearbook is typically published several years after the session it covers, and only those volumes which have been published are available on this site.

Recent volumes of the Yearbook are available for purchase in hardcopy from United Nations Publications.




Volume I of the Yearbook contains the summary records of the meetings of the Commission and volume II reproduces the principal documents, including the Commission's report to the General Assembly. Volume II is published in two parts, part two reproducing, since 1976, the annual report of the Commission to the General Assembly.


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