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Last update: August 9, 2017

Summaries of the Work of the International Law Commission

Succession of States in respect of State responsibility

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At its sixty-ninth session, in 2017, the International Law Commission decided to include the topic "Succession of States in respect of State responsibility" in its programme of work, on the basis of the recommendation of the Working Group on the long-term programme of work. The Commission decided to appoint Mr. Pavel Šturma as Special Rapporteur for the topic.

At the same session, the Commission had before it the first report of the Special Rapporteur,1 which sought to set out the Special Rapporteur’s approach to the scope and outcome of the topic, and to provide an overview of general provisions relating to the topic. Following the debate in plenary, the Commission decided to refer draft articles 1 to 4, as contained in the report of the Special Rapporteur, to the Drafting Committee. The Commission subsequently took note of the interim report of the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee on draft articles 1 and 2 provisionally adopted by the Committee, which was submitted to the Commission for information.

1 See document A/CN.4/708.