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Last update: February 16, 2017

Summaries of the Work of the International Law Commission

Crimes against humanity

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At its sixty-sixth session, in 2014, the International Law Commission decided to include the topic “Crimes against humanity” in its programme of work, on the basis of the recommendation of the Working Group on the long-term programme of work. The Commission decided to appoint Mr. Sean D. Murphy as Special Rapporteur for the topic.

At its sixty-seventh session in 2015, the Commission considered the first report of the Special Rapporteur,1 which contained, inter alia, two draft articles relating respectively to the prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity and to the definition of crimes against humanity. The Commission decided to refer the draft articles to the Drafting Committee and subsequently provisionally adopted draft articles 1 to 4, together with commentaries thereto.

At its sixty-eighth session, in 2016, the Commission had before it the second report of the Special Rapporteur on the topic,2 as well as a memorandum by the Secretariat.3 The second report addressed, inter alia, criminalization under national law, establishment of national jurisdiction, general investigation and cooperation for identifying alleged offenders, exercise of national jurisdiction when an alleged offender is present, aut dedere aut judicare and fair treatment of an alleged offender, as well as proposed six draft articles corresponding to such issues (draft articles 5 to 10).4 The Commission referred draft articles 5 to 10 to the Drafting Committee and requested the Drafting Committee to consider the question of the criminal responsibility of legal persons on the basis of a concept paper to be prepared by the Special Rapporteur.5

Following presentation and consideration of two reports of the Drafting Committee,6 the Commission provisionally adopted draft articles 5 to 10, as well as commentaries thereto.7

The work of the Commission on the topic as described above has been proceeding in accordance with the successive resolutions adopted by the General Assembly under the item relating to the report of the International Law Commission.8

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