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Publications of Ms. Ludmila Nikiforovna Galenskaya

  1. Law of Asylum. Problems of International Law. Moscow, 1968.
  2. International Struggle with Criminality. Moscow, 1972.
  3. Legal Problems of States Cooperation in Struggle with Criminality. Leningrad, 1978.
  4. Legal States of Foreigners in the USSR. Moscow, 1982.
  5. International Private Law. Leningrad, 1983.
  6. Muses and Law. Legal Questions of International Cooperation in the Sphere of Culture. Leningrad, 1987.
  7. Management in Social and Cultural Sphere (Social and Economic Machinery and Methods of Administration). Saint-Petersburg, 2000. (In cooperation with Mikheeva N.A.).
  8. International Law: Bibliography 1991-2005(in collaboration). Saint-Petersburg, 2010.
Galenskaya L.N. is an Editor-in-Chief of the Next Issues:
  1. Russian Year-book of International Law
  2. Journal of International Private Law
  3. The Crimes of the NATO in Yugoslavia. Documentary Evidences. 24 March – 24 April 1999. Translation into Russian / Ed. by L.N.Galenskaya, V.A.Belokon. Moscow, 1999.
  4. Encyclopaedia of International Organizations. Vol. 1. International Intergovernmental Organizations / Ed. by L.N.Galenskaya, S.A.Malinin. St.-Petersburg, 2003.
  5. Encyclopaedia of International Organizations. Vol. 2. International Non- governmental Organizations / Ed. by L.N.Galenskaya. St.-Petersburg, 2005.
  6. Entin M.L. In the Quest for Partnership: Russia and the European Union in 2004-2005. Saint-Petersburg, 2006.
  7. Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights. Saint-Petersburg, 2007.