Royal Library, Copenhagen, DenmarkThe Research Library contains links to scholarly writings and other international law-related resources of interest to the researcher and practitioner alike. The library is divided into five sections: resources relating to treaties and treaty status information; materials concerning the jurisprudence of international and national courts, tribunals and other dispute settlement mechanisms; United Nations and other official documents; publications consisting of scholarly writings, including books and journal articles, as well as research guides; and training materials, which have been prepared by the Codification

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  • BEPRESSThe Law Review Commons is an initiative administered by Berkeley Electronic Press (BEPRESS) providing open access to a growing collection of law reviews and legal journals. It contains both current issues and archival content dating from 1904 for nearly 150 law reviews.

  • The United Nations has established an arrangement with HeinOnline to make available to the users of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law a collection of scholarly writings to promote a better understanding of international law around the world, particularly in developing countries, which may have limited access to international law libraries.
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