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Publications of Prof. Shinya Murase

Books in Japanese
Kokusaiho no Keizaiteki Kiso (Economic Basis of International Law, Yuhikaku, 2001, 322 pages
Kokusai Rippo: Kokusaiho no Hogenron (International Lawmaking: Sources of International Law), Toshindo, 2002, 748 pages

Articles in English
“The Most-Favored-Nation Treatment in Japan’s Treaty Practice 1854-1905”, American Journal of International Law, vol.70, 1976, pp.273-297
“International Lawmaking for the New International Economic Order”, The Japanese Annual of International Law, no.25, 1982, pp.45-66
“Trade versus Security: The COCOM Regulations in Japan”, The Japanese Annual of International Law, no.31, 1988, pp.1-17
“Reception of International Law into Domestic Law of Japan”, Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of the Canadian Council on International Law, 1990, pp. 263-272
“Remarks on International Lawmaking for the Protection of the Global Environment”, The Proceeding of the American Society of International Law, 1991, pp.409-413
“Perspectives from International Economic Law on Transnational Environmental Issues”, Recueil des cours de L’Académie de Droit international, vol. 253, 1995, pp. 283-431
“Unilateral Measures and the WTO Dispute Settlement”, in Simon Tay & Dan Esty, eds., Asian Dragons and Green Trade: Environment, Economics and International Law, Times Academic Press, 1996, pp.137-144
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“The Relationship between the United Nations Charter and General International Law regarding Non-use of Force: The Case of NATO’s Air Campaign in the Kosovo Crisis of 1999”, Liber Amicorum Judge Shigeru Oda, Kluwer Law International, 2002, pp.1543-1553
“Legal Problems of the International Environmental Regimes”, Thesaurus Acroasium, vol.31, Thessaloniki Institute of International Public Law, 2002, pp.297-340
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“Presence of Asia at the Hague Peace Conference of 1907”, Colloquium, Topicality of the Hague Peace Conference of 1907, Hague Academy of International Law, 2008
“Trade and the Environment: With Particular Reference to Climate Change Issues”, Harald Hohmann, ed., Agreeing Implementing the Doha Round of the WTO, Cambridge University Press, 2008, pp. 391-419 (reproduction of 12 above)