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Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

Mr. Stefan Talmon
Professor of Public International Law and European Union Law
Co-Director of the Institute of Public International Law
University of Bonn

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Lecture Series
Recognition of States and Governments in International Law

Publications of Mr. Stefan Talmon

Selected Books

S. Talmon, The South China Sea Arbitration: A Chinese Perspective (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2014). XXIV, 249pp. (with Professor Bing Bing Jia)

S. Talmon, The Occupation of Iraq: The Official Documents of the Coalition Provisional Authority and the Iraqi Governing Council (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2013). XLVIII, 1524 pp.

S. Talmon, The Legal Order of the Oceans. Basic Documents on the Law of the Sea (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2009). XVIII, 1012 pp. (with Professor Vaughan Lowe).

S. Talmon, Kollektive Nichtanerkennung illegaler Staaten. Grundlagen und Rechtsfolgen einer Iinternational koordinierten Sanktion, dargestellt am Beispiel der Türkischen Republik Nord-Zypern [Collective Non-recognition of Illegal States. Legal Foundations and Consequences of an Internationally Co-ordinated Sanction with Particular Reference to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus] (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2006). XXXIX, 1052 pp.

S. Talmon, Recognition of Governments in International Law: With Particular Reference to Governments in Exile (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998 [hardcover], 2001 [paperback]), 2010 [Oxford Scholarship Online]. LXXII, 393 pp.)

Selected Articles

S. Talmon, “Determining Customary International Law: The ICJ’s Methodology between Induction, Deduction and Assertion”, European Journal of International Law, 26 (2015), pp. 417-443.

S. Talmon, “Immunität von Staatsbediensteten [Immunity of State Officials]”, in: Berichte der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationales Recht, Band 46 [Reports of the German Society of International Law, vol. 46] (Heidelberg: C.F. Müller, 2014), pp. 313-377.

S. Talmon, “Jus Cogens after Germany v. Italy:  Substantive and Procedural Rules Distinguished”, Leiden Journal of International Law, 25 (2012), pp. 979-1002.

S. Talmon, “Security Council Treaty Action”, Revue Hellénique de Droit International, 62 (2009), pp. 65-116.

S. Talmon, “The Responsibility of Outside Powers for Acts of Secessionist Entities”, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 58 (2009), pp. 493-517.

S. Talmon, “The Security Council as World Legislature”, American Journal of International Law, 99 (2005), pp. 175-193.

S. Talmon, “The Constitutive versus the Declaratory Doctrine of Recognition: Tertium Non Datur? ”, British Year Book of International Law, 75 (2004), pp. 101-181.