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Last update: March 22, 2018

Analytical Guide to the Work of the International Law Commission

Succession of States in respect of State responsibility

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Studies undertaken by the Secretariat and Reports of the Secretary-General


Reports of the Working Group or Sub-Committee


Reports of the Special Rapporteur

  • Overview of previous work of the Commission. Discussion whether there exists a general principle guiding succession in respect of State responsibility? Review of different cases of succession. Consideration of whether any rules in the two Vienna Conventions on succession apply? Discussion of nature of the rules to be codified and the relevance of agreements and unilateral declarations, and overview of future programme of work.
    • First Report of the Special Rapporteur, Mr. Pavel Šturma (69th session of the ILC (2017))

Reports of the Drafting Committee


Comments by Governments




Reports of the International Law Commission

  • Report of the International Law Commission on the work of its sixty-ninth session, 1 May–2 June and 3 July–4 August 2017
    • The Commission had before it the first report of the Special Rapporteur (A/CN.4/708).
    • The Commission considered the first report at its 3374th to 3381st meetings, from 13 to 25 July 2017, respectively.
    • At its 3381st meeting, on 25 July 2017, the Commission decided to refer draft articles 1 to 4, as contained in the Special Rapporteur’s first report, to the Drafting Committee, taking into account the views expressed in the plenary debate and on the understanding that draft articles 3 and 4 would be left pending in the Drafting Committee.
    • At its 3383rd meeting, on 31 July 2017, the Chairman of the Drafting Committee presented an interim oral report on draft articles 1 and 2, provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee. The report was presented for information only and was made available on the website of the Commission.
    • Discussion in Plenary: 3374th, 3375th, 3376th, 3377th, 3378th, 3379th, 3380th, 3381st (13 to 25 July 2017), 3383rd (31 July 2017) meetings.
  • ILC Report, A/72/10, 2017, chap. IX, paras. 211–252
  • See the website of the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly and the topical summary of debate in the Sixth Committee (A/CN.4/713)

General Assembly Action

  • Resolution 72/116 of 7 December 2017
    • Took note of the decision of the International Law Commission to include the topic in its programme of work.
  • See the website of the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly

Final Outcome

Work in progress