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Professor Shabtai Rosenne


Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture
Peaceful Settlement of Disputes: Paradigms,
Plurality and Policy

This inaugural Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor Malcolm Shaw discusses the critical role that dispute resolution plays in international law. The lecture begins with a description of how the structure of the international community has evolved over time. It then describes the creation of rules of international law before considering the interplay between law and politics.

Introduction: Mr. Alan Stephens
Memorial Lecture: Professor Malcolm N. Shaw Q.C.

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  (24/11/2011, 52 minutes)
Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture
Peaceful Settlement of Disputes: Paradigms, Plurality and Policy
Text of lecture (Forthcoming)

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A. Legal Instruments

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Security Council resolution 1757 (2007) of 30 May 2007 (Statute of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon).
B. Jurisprudence

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