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Mr. Jorge E. Viñuales

Mr. Jorge E. Viñuales
Harold Samuel Chair of Law and Environmental Policy
University of Cambridge

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Environmental Law
Climate Change
The International Law of Climate Change after the Paris Agreement
This lecture provides an up-to-date survey of the international law of climate change, paying particular attention to the Paris Agreement adopted in December of 2015, and in force since early November 2016. It begins with a brief account of the historical development of the climate change regime, since the conclusion of the UNFCCC to the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 to the many efforts over the years to reach a new wider agreement, which came to fruition in December 2015. It then discusses the legal architecture of the Paris Agreement, its main components and its broader basis in transnational and comparative law.

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(28/10/2016, 49 minutes)

Environmental Protection in Customary International Law
This lecture surveys the customary principles that have been developed in a wide corpus of decisions from international courts and tribunals in connection with the protection of the environment both in a transboundary context and at the global level.

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(28/10/2016, 31 minutes)
Environmental Law
Climate Change
The International Law of Climate Change after the Paris Agreement
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Environmental Protection in Customary International Law
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