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Prof. Malcolm Shaw

Mr. Malcolm Shaw
The Sir Robert Jennings Professor of International Law
University of Leicester

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Boundary Delimitation
Maritime Delimitation 
Principles of Maritime Delimitation
Of particular importance in boundary issues is the question of the delimitation of maritime boundaries. The major applicable principles, as they have evolved in caselaw and treaties, will be briefly outlined in this lecture.

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Territorial Disputes
The International Legal Principles Relating
to Territorial Disputes:
The Acquisition of Title to Territory
Despite globalisation, territorial sovereignty remains at the heart of international law while the rules that evolved to regulate the acquisition and loss of territory remain of critical importance. This lecture will review succinctly the leading principles as laid down in case law and international practice.

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Settling Territorial Disputes
Recognising the importance of the international regulation of territorial disputes, international law has established a range of mechanisms for peaceful settlement. Whether binding in law as such or not or involving third parties such as courts or international organisations or not, such mechanisms will be briefly reviewed in this lecture.

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Boundary Delimitation
Maritime Delimitation 
Principles of Maritime Delimitation
Outline of Lecture (17.2 KB)

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Territorial Disputes
International Legal Principles Relating to Territorial Disputes
(The Rules Governing the Acquisition of Title to Territory)
Outline of Lecture PDF document (13.5 KB)
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Settling Territorial Disputes
Outline of Lecture (13.5 KB)

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