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Ms. Sonja Boelaert

Ms. Sonja Boelaert
Senior Legal Adviser
Council of the European Union

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Regional Organizations
European Union
The Sources of European Union Law
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(5/12/2014, 67 minutes)
Regional Organizations
European Union
The Sources of European Union Law
A. Legal Instruments
B. Jurisprudence

For case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, please visit the official website.

C. Additional References

For more information on international agreements concluded by the European Union, please visit the official website.

To learn more on how European Union decisions are made, please visit the official website.

EUR Lex - Access to European Union law

Official Journal of the European Union

Sources and Scope of the European Union Law, Fact Sheets European Union, European Parliament, 2014.

D. Doctrine

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