Jean-Pictet Competition (2023)

The Jean-Pictet Competition is a training event in international humanitarian law for students representing a university or a comparable institution in teams of three persons. The selected teams, usually from the five continents, receive a remote training in international humanitarian law in the months leading to the Competition. They then meet for one week at the venue of the Competition, which changes every year. They compete in the context of simulations and role-play exercises built around a fictitious armed conflict and the roles of different actors in that conflict (military, humanitarian, political officers, lawyers, etc.). Teams benefit from the support of tutors in tests where they are assessed by the jury. The Competition is organized by a not-for-profit association: The Committee for the Jean-Pictet Competition (Comité pour le Concours Jean-Pictet, CCJP).

Current editions: Information on the 2023 editions is available on the Competition website.

In order to contribute to the preparation by participants in the Competition, the Codification Division has compiled resources available on the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law (AVL) for the 2023 editions of the Competition. Students will be able to draw on the resources available on the AVL website, including the Lecture Series, together with the related materials used in the preparation of lectures, the Historic Archives, as well as the International Law Handbook.

Lecture Series

The Lecture Series contains a permanent collection of lectures of enduring value on virtually every subject of international law delivered by leading international law scholars and practitioners from different regions, legal systems, cultures and sectors of the legal profession. Each lecture is accompanied by a list of related materials linking to documents available online. Lectures are available in video and audio formats.

The Responsibility of Armed Non-State Actors in Armed Conflicts
Dr. Annyssa Bellal

Derecho Penal Internacional: desarrollo actual y genealogía
Mr. José Antonio Burneo Labrín

The Meaning of War in International Law
Mr. Andrew Clapham

Partie I: Aspects externes du droit international humanitaire
M. Eric David

Partie II: Principes de structure internes du droit international humanitaire (Section 1/2)
M. Eric David

Partie II: Principes de structure internes du droit international humanitaire (Section 2/2)
M. Eric David

Partie III: Le contenu du droit international humanitaire
M. Eric David

Partie IV: Les principes du droit de Genève
M. Eric David

Partie V: Droit international humanitaire et droit international pénal
M. Eric David

Relevance and Usefulness of International Humanitarian Law: The Laws of War Today
Ms. Helen Durham

Droit international humanitaire dans le domaine de la protection des victimes de guerre
Mr. Hisakazu Fujita

Droit international humanitaire: Sa mise en oeuvre
Mr. Hisakazu Fujita

International Migration Law  - A General Introduction
Mr. Guy S. Goodwin-Gill

Introduction to International Humanitarian Law
Judge Christopher Greenwood

The Beginning and End of Occupation
Mr. Vaios Koutroulis

Le début et la fin de l’application du droit de l’occupation
Mr. Vaios Koutroulis

Protection of the Environment in Armed Conflicts
Ms. Marja Lehto

Le droit international humanitaire applicable aux conflits armés non internationaux
Mr. Djamchid Momtaz

Protection of Natural Resources in Armed Conflict
Ms. Phoebe Okowa

Non-International Armed Conflict: Specific Challenges in International Law
Mr. Raul C. Pangalangan

Contribution of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to the Development of International Humanitarian Law
Judge Fausto Pocar

The Use of Weapons
Mr. Kevin Riordan

The Equal Application of the Laws of War: A Principle Under Pressure
Sir Adam Roberts

Human Rights in Armed Conflicts
Ms. Vera Rusinova

Selected Issues on the Right to Reparation of Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence
Ms. Clara Sandoval

Le droit international humanitaire : des origines à la Seconde Guerre mondiale
Mr. Yves Sandoz

Les Conventions de Genève de 1949 et leurs protocoles additionnels
Mr. Yves Sandoz

Le droit international humanitaire : développements récents et perspectives d’avenir
Mr. Yves Sandoz

Introduction to International Humanitarian Law
Mr. Marco Sassòli

The Field of Application of International Humanitarian Law: International and Non-International Armed Conflicts
Mr. Marco Sassòli

International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law
Mr. Marco Sassòli

International Commissions of Inquiry
Ms. Larissa van den Herik

International Law and Child Soldiers
Mr. Gus Waschefort

Historic Archives

The Historic Archives is a unique resource which contains significant international law instruments. Each entry contains an introduction to a particular instrument prepared by a scholar or practitioner with expertise on the subject, information on its procedural history and related documents, as well as the text and status of the instrument. It is accompanied by available audiovisual materials relating to the negotiation and adoption of the instrument at meetings or diplomatic conferences.

International Law Handbook

The International Law Handbook is a collection of instruments used by the Codification Division as study materials for its training courses under the Programme of Assistance. It is intended to be used as a general work of reference. It comprises four books, available free of charge on the AVL website: