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Gilberto Amado Memorial Lecture Series

During the consideration of the Report of the Commission at the twenty-fifth session of the General Assembly (in 1970) t was suggested in the Sixth Committee, in connection with the discussion on the point concerning the International Law Seminar, that with a view to honouring the memory of Gilberto Amado, the illustrious Brazilian jurist and former member of the International Law Commission, the possibility should be considered of naming a series of sessions after him or of establishing a permanent conference in his name within the Seminar.

The Government of Brazil, consulted by Mr. T. O. Elias, Chair of the twenty-second session of the Commission, through Mr. Sette Camara, responded favourably to the idea and offered financial assistance. The Commission accepted a proposal by Mr. Elias that the memorial lecture should take the form of an annual commemoration to which the members of the Commission, the participants in the session of the International Law Seminar and about twenty-five other experts on international law, including the members of the Secretariat of the Commission, would be invited.

To date, the following memorial lectures have been presented:

(See Yearbook of the International Law Commission, 1971, vol. II, Part One, paras. 164 to 169)