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Last update: February 22, 2016

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Geneva International Law Seminar

The Seminar is intended for postgraduate students of international law and young professors or government officials dealing with questions of international law in the course of their work. The Seminar is held annually in Geneva, Switzerland, for three weeks each summer, in conjunction with the meetings of the International Law Commission (ILC). It enables the participants to become familiar with the work of the ILC by attending its public meetings, and to follow a programme of lectures delivered by its members. Various other lectures and briefings are also organized, dealing with the work of other U.N. bodies, specialized agencies and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Since 1965, the Seminar has been a characteristic part of the Commission’s sessions, and many hundreds of young professionals have been introduced to the United Nations and to the work of the Commission through the Seminar. Application forms are available upon request as from the beginning of each calendar year.

Since the Seminar is funded by voluntary contributions, the convening of the Seminar and the number of fellowships depend entirely on the annual voluntary contributions of States.

See the UNOG web site for more information on the seminar.

Information on each annual seminar is provided in the report of the Commission to the General Assembly.