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Last update: August 9, 2023

Summaries of the Work of the International Law Commission

Non-legally binding international agreements

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At its seventy-third session, in 2022, the Commission included the topic “Non-legally binding international agreements” in its long-term programme of work.1 A syllabus for the topic was annexed to that year’s report of the Commission.2

The General Assembly, in resolution 77/103 of 7 December 2022, took note of the inclusion of the topic in the long-term programme of work of the Commission.

At its seventy-fourth session, in 2023, the Commission decided to include the topic “Non-legally binding international agreements” in its programme of work and appointed Mathias Forteau as Special Rapporteur for the topic.

1 See Official Records of the General Assembly, Seventy-seventh Session, Supplement No. 10 (A/77/10), paras. 251–252.

2 See ibid., annex I.