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Last update: July 22, 2015

Tenth Session (1958)


The general and limited distribution documents of the International Law Commission (in the “A/CN.4” series) are issued, in all six official languages, as official documents of the United Nations. The Commission’s Summary Records are first made available in provisional form, in English and French only. They are subsequently edited and translated into the other official languages, and published in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission. Some of the Commission’s other documents are also later edited and published in the Yearbook, together with the Commission’s annual report to the General Assembly.

General Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/111 Third Report on International Responsibility by Mr. F.V. Garcia-Amador, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/112 Provisional Agenda
A/CN.4/113 + Corr.1 Draft on arbitral procedure adopted by the Commission at its fifth session: report by Mr. Georges Scelle, Special Rapporteur (with a model draft on arbitral procedure annexed)
A/CN.4/114 + Add.1–6 Observations of Governments on the draft articles concerning diplomatic intercourse and Immunities adopted by the International Law Commission at its ninth session in 1957
A/CN.4/115 + Corr.1 Third Report on the Law of Treaties by Mr. G.G. Fitzmaurice, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/116 + Add.1–2 Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities — Summary of observations received from Governments and conclusions of the Special Rapporteur, Mr. A. Emil F. Sandström
A/CN.4/117 Report of the International Law Commission covering the work of its Tenth Session, 28 April–4 July 1958, Official Records of the General Assembly, Thirteenth Session, Supplement No. 9 (A/3859)

Limited Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/L.71 + Corr.1 Summary of opinions expressed in the Sixth Committee at the eighth and tenth sessions of the General Assembly and in the written comments by Governments on the draft convention on arbitral procedure (A/2456, para. 57): working paper prepared by the Secretariat
A/CN.4/L.72 Summary of opinions expressed in the Sixth Committee at the twelfth session of the General Assembly on the draft articles concerning diplomatic intercourse and immunities (A/3623, para. 16): working paper prepared by the Secretariat
A/CN.4/L.74 Communication dated 2 May 1958 from the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the Chair of the International Law Commission
A/CN.4/L.75 Summary of opinions expressed in the comments by Governments (A/CN.4/114 and Add.1) on the draft articles concerning diplomatic intercourse and immunities: working paper prepared by the Secretariat
A/CN.4/L.76 Comments and proposals submitted by Mr. Jaroslav Zourek
A/CN.4/L.77 Co-operation with inter-American bodies: proposal submitted by Mr. Alfaro, Mr. Amado and Mr. García Amador
A/CN.4/L.78 + Add.1–4 Draft report of the International Law Commission covering the work of its tenth session

Summary Records

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/SR.431 Summary record of the 431st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.432 Summary record of the 432nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.433 Summary record of the 433rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.434 Summary record of the 434th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.435 Summary record of the 435th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.436 Summary record of the 436th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.437 Summary record of the 437th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.438 Summary record of the 438th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.439 Summary record of the 439th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.440 Summary record of the 440th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.441 Summary record of the 441st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.442 Summary record of the 442nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.443 Summary record of the 443rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.444 Summary record of the 444th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.445 Summary record of the 445th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.446 Summary record of the 446th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.447 Summary record of the 447th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.448 Summary record of the 448th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.449 Summary record of the 449th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.450 Summary record of the 450th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.451 Summary record of the 451st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.452 Summary record of the 452nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.453 Summary record of the 453rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.454 Summary record of the 454th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.455 Summary record of the 455th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.456 Summary record of the 456th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.457 Summary record of the 457th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.458 Summary record of the 458th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.459 Summary record of the 459th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.460 Summary record of the 460th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.461 Summary record of the 461st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.462 Summary record of the 462nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.463 Summary record of the 463rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.464 Summary record of the 464th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.465 Summary record of the 465th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.466 Summary record of the 466th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.467 Summary record of the 467th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.468 Summary record of the 468th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.469 Summary record of the 469th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.470 Summary record of the 470th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.471 Summary record of the 471st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.472 Summary record of the 472nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.473 Summary record of the 473rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.474 Summary record of the 474th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.475 Summary record of the 475th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.476 Summary record of the 476th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.477 Summary record of the 477th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.478 Summary record of the 478th meeting

Some documents are not available on this website for the following reasons:

  • In some cases, documents have deliberately been excluded from this website, including draft documents such as the draft report of the International Law Commission, which serves as the basis for the Commission adoption of its annual report, and which, accordingly, is superceded as soon as the final version is adopted;
  • In connection with more recent documentation (post-1995), where a Yearbook of the International Law Commission volume does not yet exist, links are provided to the version available on the United Nations Optical Disk System, i.e. the version which the Commission itself considered (and not the final edited version to be included in a Yearbook); in some cases such documents (or particular language versions thereof) are not available on that System, for technical reasons.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, summary records are available in English and French only. Additional language versions are made available as and when the respective volumes of the Yearbook are published.
  • In the case of documents issued in mimeograph format in earlier years, those that were subsequently reproduced in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission have been made available. Where hard copies of the individual documents not in the Yearbook still exist, attempts have been made to also have those digitized and placed on this site to provide as complete a collection as possible;
  • Up until 1955 documents were issued in the original language of submission, and the other linguistic versions were not always produced, i.e. some documents were only issued in English or in French or in Spanish;