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Last update: July 15, 2015

Third Session (1951)

The International Law Commission held its third session at Geneva, Switzerland, from 16 May to 27 July 1951.

Topics considered in 1951

General Assembly resolution 484 (V) of 12 December 1950: review by the International Law Commission of its Statute with the object of recommending revisions thereof to the General Assembly

Preparation of a draft code of offences against the peace and security of mankind (Summary | Analytical Guide)

  • Report by Mr. Spiropoulos;
  • General Assembly resolution 488 (V) of 12 December 1950: formulation of the Nurnberg principles.

General Assembly resolution 378 B (V) of 17 November 1950: duties of States in the event of the outbreak of hostilities (Summary | Analytical Guide)

Law of treaties (Summary | Analytical Guide)

Arbitral procedure (Summary | Analytical Guide)

  • Preliminary report by Mr. Scelle.

Regime of the high seas (Summary | Analytical Guide)

  • Report by Mr. François.

Economic and Social Council resolution 319 B III (XI) of 11 August 1950 requesting the International Law Commission to prepare the necessary draft international convention or conventions for the elimination of statelessness (Summary | Analytical Guide)

General Assembly resolution 494 (V) of 20 November 1950: development of a twenty year programme for achieving peace through the United Nations

Other General Assembly resolutions relating to the report of the International Law Commission on its second session