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Last update: June 6, 2022

Sixty-sixth Session (2014)


The general and limited distribution documents of the International Law Commission (in the “A/CN.4” series) are issued, in all six official languages, as official documents of the United Nations. The Commission’s Summary Records are first made available in provisional form, in English and French only. They are subsequently edited and translated into the other official languages, and published in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission. Some of the Commission’s other documents are also later edited and published in the Yearbook, together with the Commission’s annual report to the General Assembly.

General Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/665 Provisional agenda for the sixty-sixth session
A/CN.4/666 Topical summary of the discussion held in the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly during its sixty-eighth session, prepared by the Secretariat
A/CN.4/667 First report on the protection of the atmosphere by Mr. Shinya Murase, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/668 + Corr.1 + Add.1 Seventh report on the protection of persons in the event of disasters by Eduardo Valencia-Ospina, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/669 + Add.1 Expulsion of aliens: comments and observations received from Governments
[Additional information provided by the European Union, and not included in document A/CN.4/669]
A/CN.4/670 Ninth report on the expulsion of aliens by Mr. Maurice Kamto, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/671 Second report on subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in relation to the interpretation of treaties, by Georg Nolte, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/672 Second report on identification of customary international law, by Michael Wood, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/673 Third report on the immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction, by Concepción Escobar Hernández, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/674 + Corr.1 Preliminary report on the protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts: by Marie G. Jacobsson, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/675 Second report on the provisional application of treaties, by Juan Manuel Gómez-Robledo, Special Rapporteur

Limited Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/L.831 Protection of persons in the event of disasters: Texts and titles of the draft articles adopted by the Drafting Committee on first reading
A/CN.4/L.832 Expulsion of aliens: Texts and titles of the draft articles adopted by the Drafting Committee on second reading
A/CN.4/L.833 Subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in relation to the interpretation of treaties: Texts and titles of draft conclusions 6 to 10 provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee on 27 and 28 May and on 2 and 3 June 2014
A/CN.4/L.834 Draft report. Chapter I — Introduction
A/CN.4/L.835 Draft report. Chapter II — Summary of the work of the Commission at its sixty-sixth session
A/CN.4/L.836 Draft report. Chapter III — Specific issues on which comments would be of particular interest to the Commission
A/CN.4/L.837 + Add.1/Rev.1 Draft report. Chapter IV — Expulsion of aliens
A/CN.4/L.838 + Add.1 Draft report. Chapter V — Protection of persons in the event of disasters
A/CN.4/L.839 Draft report. Chapter VI — Obligation to extradite or prosecute (aut dedere aut judicare)
A/CN.4/L.840 + Add.1–3 Draft report. Chapter VII — Subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in relation to the interpretation of treaties
A/CN.4/L.841 Draft report. Chapter VIII — Protection of the atmosphere
A/CN.4/L.842 + Add.1 Draft report. Chapter IX — Immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction.
A/CN.4/L.843 Draft report. Chapter X — Identification of customary international law
A/CN.4/L.844 Extradite or prosecute (aut dedere aut judicare): Working Group on the obligation to extradite or prosecute (aut dedere aut judicare) — Final report
A/CN.4/L.845 Draft report. Chapter XI — Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts
A/CN.4/L.846 Draft report. Chapter XII — Provisional application of treaties
A/CN.4/L.847 Draft report. Chapter XIII — The Most-Favoured-Nation clause
A/CN.4/L.848 Draft report. Chapter XIV — Other decisions and conclusions of the Commission
A/CN.4/L.849 Report of the Planning Group
A/CN.4/L.850 Immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction: Text of draft articles 2 (e) and 5 provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee on 15 July 2014

Summary Records

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/SR.3198 Summary record of the 3198th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3199 Summary record of the 3199th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3200 Summary record of the 3200th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3201 Summary record of the 3201st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3202 Summary record of the 3202nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3203 Summary record of the 3203rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3204 Summary record of the 3204th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3205 Summary record of the 3205th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3206 Summary record of the 3206th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3207 Summary record of the 3207th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3208 Summary record of the 3208th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3209 Summary record of the 3209th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3210 Summary record of the 3210th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3211 Summary record of the 3211th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3212 Summary record of the 3212th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3213 Summary record of the 3213rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3214 Summary record of the 3214th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3215 Summary record of the 3215th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3216 Summary record of the 3216th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3217 Summary record of the 3217th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3218 Summary record of the 3218th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3219 Summary record of the 3219th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3220 Summary record of the 3220th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3221 Summary record of the 3221st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3222 Summary record of the 3222nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3223 Summary record of the 3223rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3224 Summary record of the 3224th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3225 Summary record of the 3225th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3226 Summary record of the 3226th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3227 Summary record of the 3227th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3228 Summary record of the 3228th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3229 Summary record of the 3229th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3230 Summary record of the 3230th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3231 Summary record of the 3231st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3232 Summary record of the 3232nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3233 Summary record of the 3233rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3234 Summary record of the 3234th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3235 Summary record of the 3235th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3236 Summary record of the 3236th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3237 Summary record of the 3237th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3238 Summary record of the 3238th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3239 Summary record of the 3239th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3240 Summary record of the 3240th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3241 Summary record of the 3241st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3242 Summary record of the 3242nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3243 Summary record of the 3243rd meeting

Some documents are not available on this website for the following reasons:

  • In some cases, documents have deliberately been excluded from this website, including draft documents such as the draft report of the International Law Commission, which serves as the basis for the Commission adoption of its annual report, and which, accordingly, is superceded as soon as the final version is adopted;
  • In connection with more recent documentation (post-1995), where a Yearbook of the International Law Commission volume does not yet exist, links are provided to the version available on the United Nations Optical Disk System, i.e. the version which the Commission itself considered (and not the final edited version to be included in a Yearbook); in some cases such documents (or particular language versions thereof) are not available on that System, for technical reasons.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, summary records are available in English and French only. Additional language versions are made available as and when the respective volumes of the Yearbook are published.
  • In the case of documents issued in mimeograph format in earlier years, those that were subsequently reproduced in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission have been made available. Where hard copies of the individual documents not in the Yearbook still exist, attempts have been made to also have those digitized and placed on this site to provide as complete a collection as possible;
  • Up until 1955 documents were issued in the original language of submission, and the other linguistic versions were not always produced, i.e. some documents were only issued in English or in French or in Spanish;