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Last update: February 19, 2020

Sixty-eighth Session (2016)

Officers and Members of the Commission


Members of the Commission at the Sixty-eighth Session (2016)

  • Mohammad Bello Adoke (Nigeria)
  • Ali Mohsen Fetais Al-Marri (Qatar)
  • Lucius Caflisch (Switzerland)
  • Enrique J.A. Candioti (Argentina)
  • Pedro Comissário Afonso (Mozambique)
  • Abdelrazeg El-Murtadi Suleiman Gouider (Libya)
  • Concepción Escobar Hernández (Spain)
  • Mathias Forteau (France)
  • Juan Manuel Gómez-Robledo (Mexico)
  • Hussein A. Hassouna (Egypt)
  • Mahmoud D. Hmoud (Jordan)
  • Huang Huikang (China)
  • Marie G. Jacobsson (Sweden)
  • Maurice Kamto (Cameroon)
  • Kriangsak Kittichaisaree (Thailand)
  • Roman A. Kolodkin (Russian Federation)**
  • Ahmed Laraba (Algeria)
  • Donald M. McRae (Canada)
  • Shinya Murase (Japan)
  • Sean D. Murphy (United States of America)
  • Bernd H. Niehaus (Costa Rica)
  • Georg Nolte (Germany)
  • Ki Gab Park (Republic of Korea)
  • Chris M. Peter (United Republic of Tanzania)
  • Ernest Petric (Slovenia)
  • Gilberto Vergne Saboia (Brazil)
  • Narinder Singh (India)
  • Pavel Šturma (Czech Republic)
  • Dire D. Tladi (South Africa)
  • Eduardo Valencia-Ospina (Colombia)
  • Marcelo Vázquez-Bermudez (Ecuador)*
  • Amos S. Wako (Kenya)
  • Nugroho Wisnumurti (Indonesia)
  • Sir Michael Wood (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

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* Elected at the 3159th meeting, held on 6 May 2013, to fill the casual vacancy which arose following the resignation of Stephen C. Vasciannie (Jamaica) on 22 July 2012. See documents A/CN.4/655, Add.1 and Add.2.

** Elected at the 3248th meeting, held on 8 May 2015, to fill the casual vacancy which arose following the resignation of Mr. Kirill Gevorgian (Russian Federation).