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Last update: April 16, 2020

Seventy-first Session (2019)


The general and limited distribution documents of the International Law Commission (in the “A/CN.4” series) are issued, in all six official languages, as official documents of the United Nations. The Commission’s Summary Records are first made available in provisional form, in English and French only. They are subsequently edited and translated into the other official languages, and published in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission. Some of the Commission’s other documents are also later edited and published in the Yearbook, together with the Commission’s annual report to the General Assembly.

General Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/723 Provisional agenda for the seventy-first session
A/CN.4/724 Topical summary of the discussion held in the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly during its seventy-third session, prepared by the Secretariat
A/CN.4/725 + Add.1 Fourth report on crimes against humanity by Sean D. Murphy, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/726 + Add.1 + Add.2 Crimes against humanity: Comments and observations received from Governments, international organizations and others
A/CN.4/727 Fourth report on peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens) by Dire Tladi, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/728 Second report on protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts by Marja Lehto, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/729 Seventh report on immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction, by Ms. Concepción Escobar Hernández, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/730 Succession of States in respect of State responsibility: Information on treaties which may be of relevance to the future work of the Commission on the topic — Memorandum by the Secretariat
A/CN.4/731 Third report on succession of States in respect of State responsibility by Pavel Šturma, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/732 First report on general principles of law by Marcelo Vázquez-Bermúdez, Special Rapporteur

Limited Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/L.925 Draft report: Chapter I — Introduction
A/CN.4/L.926 Draft report: Chapter II — Summary of the work of the Commission at its seventy-first session
A/CN.4/L.927 Draft report: Chapter III — Specific issues on which comments would be of particular interest to the Commission
A/CN.4/L.928 + Add.1 Draft report: Chapter IV — Crimes against humanity
A/CN.4/L.929 + Add.1 + Add.2 Draft report: Chapter V — Peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens)
A/CN.4/L.930 + Add.1 Draft report: Chapter VI — Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts
A/CN.4/L.931 + Add.1 Draft report: Chapter VII — Succession of States in respect of State responsibility
A/CN.4/L.932 Draft report: Chapter VIII — Immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction
A/CN.4/L.933 Draft report: Chapter IX — General principles of law
A/CN.4/L.934 + Add.1 Draft report: Chapter XI — Other decisions and conclusions of the Commission (Addendum)
A/CN.4/L.935 Crimes against humanity: Texts and titles of the draft preamble, the draft articles and the draft annex provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee on second reading — Prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity
A/CN.4/L.936 Peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens): text of the draft conclusions and draft annex provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee on first reading
A/CN.4/L.937 Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts: Text and titles of the draft principles provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee on first reading
A/CN.4/L.938 Draft report: Chapter X — Sea-level rise in relation to international law
A/CN.4/L.939 + Add.1 Succession of States in respect of State responsibility: Text of the draft articles as provisionally adopted so far by the Drafting Committee
A/CN.4/L.940  Immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction: Text and title of the draft article 8 ante provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee

Summary Records

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/SR.3453 Summary record of the 3453rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3454 Summary record of the 3454th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3455 Summary record of the 3455th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3456 Summary record of the 3456th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3457 Summary record of the 3457th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3458 Summary record of the 3458th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3459 Summary record of the 3459th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3460 Summary record of the 3460th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3461 Summary record of the 3461st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3462 Summary record of the 3462nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3463 Summary record of the 3463rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3464 Summary record of the 3464th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3465 Summary record of the 3465th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3466 Summary record of the 3466th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3467 Summary record of the 3467th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3468 Summary record of the 3468th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3469 Summary record of the 3469th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3470 Summary record of the 3470th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3471 Summary record of the 3471st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3472 Summary record of the 3472nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3473 Summary record of the 3473rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3474 Summary record of the 3474th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3475 Summary record of the 3475th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3476 Summary record of the 3476th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3477 Summary record of the 3477th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3478 Summary record of the 3478th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3479 Summary record of the 3479th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3480 Summary record of the 3480th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3481 Summary record of the 3481st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3482 Summary record of the 3482nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3483 Summary record of the 3483rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3484 Summary record of the 3484th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3485 Summary record of the 3485th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3486 Summary record of the 3486th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3487 Summary record of the 3487th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3488 Summary record of the 3488th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3489 Summary record of the 3489th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3490 Summary record of the 3490th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3491 Summary record of the 3491st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3492 Summary record of the 3492nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3493 Summary record of the 3493rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3494 Summary record of the 3494th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3495 Summary record of the 3495th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3496 Summary record of the 3496th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3497 Summary record of the 3497th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3498 Summary record of the 3498th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3499 Summary record of the 3499th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3500 Summary record of the 3500th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3501 Summary record of the 3501st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3502 Summary record of the 3502nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3503 Summary record of the 3503rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3504 Summary record of the 3504th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3505 Summary record of the 3505th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3506 Summary record of the 3506th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.3507 Summary record of the 3507th meeting

Some documents are not available on this website for the following reasons:

  • In some cases, documents have deliberately been excluded from this website, including draft documents such as the draft report of the International Law Commission, which serves as the basis for the Commission adoption of its annual report, and which, accordingly, is superceded as soon as the final version is adopted;
  • In connection with more recent documentation (post-1995), where a Yearbook of the International Law Commission volume does not yet exist, links are provided to the version available on the United Nations Optical Disk System, i.e. the version which the Commission itself considered (and not the final edited version to be included in a Yearbook); in some cases such documents (or particular language versions thereof) are not available on that System, for technical reasons.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, summary records are available in English and French only. Additional language versions are made available as and when the respective volumes of the Yearbook are published.
  • In the case of documents issued in mimeograph format in earlier years, those that were subsequently reproduced in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission have been made available. Where hard copies of the individual documents not in the Yearbook still exist, attempts have been made to also have those digitized and placed on this site to provide as complete a collection as possible;
  • Up until 1955 documents were issued in the original language of submission, and the other linguistic versions were not always produced, i.e. some documents were only issued in English or in French or in Spanish;