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Last update: July 15, 2015

Twenty-sixth Session (1974)

The International Law Commission held its twenty-sixth session at Geneva, Switzerland, from 6 May to 26 July 1974 in accordance with General Assembly resolution 3071 (XXVIII) of 30 November 1973.

Topics considered in 1974

State responsibility (Summary | Analytical Guide)

Succession of States in respect of treaties (Summary | Analytical Guide)

Succession of States in respect of matters other than treaties (Summary | Analytical Guide)

The Commission adopted the final text of the draft articles on the succession of States in respect of treaties, with commentaries

Most-favoured-nation clause (Summary | Analytical Guide)

Question of treaties concluded between States and international organizations or between two or more international organizations (Summary | Analytical Guide)

Long-term programme of work (Analytical Guide)

Other business