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Last update: July 15, 2015

Sixth Session (1954)


The general and limited distribution documents of the International Law Commission (in the “A/CN.4” series) are issued, in all six official languages, as official documents of the United Nations. The Commission’s Summary Records are first made available in provisional form, in English and French only. They are subsequently edited and translated into the other official languages, and published in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission. Some of the Commission’s other documents are also later edited and published in the Yearbook, together with the Commission’s annual report to the General Assembly.

General Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/77 Third Report on the Regime of Territorial Sea by Mr. J.P.A. François, Special Rapporteur Rapporteur
A/CN.4/78 + Corr.1 Provisional Agenda
A/CN.4/79 Sixth Report on the Regime of the High Seas by Mr. J.P.A. François, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/80 Request of the General Assembly for the Codification of the Principles of International Law Governing State Responsibility, Memorandum by Mr. F.V. Garcia-Amador
A/CN.4/81 + Corr.1 Nationality Including Statelessness — Third Report on the Elimination or Reduction of Statelessness by Mr. Roberto Cordova, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/82 + Add.1–8 Comments by Governments on the Draft Convention on the Elimination of Future Statelessness and on the Draft Convention on the Reduction of Future Statelessness
A/CN.4/83 Nationality Including Statelessness — Report on Multiple Nationality by Mr. Roberto Cordova, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/84 Nationality Including Statelessness — Survey of the Problem of Multiple Nationality, prepared by the Secretariat
A/CN.4/85 Third Report Relating to a Draft Code of Offences Against the Peace and Security of Mankind by J. Spiropoulos, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/86 Regime of the High Seas — Comments on the Draft Articles on the Continental Shelf, Fisheries and the Contiguous Zones, adopted by the International Law Commission at its Fifth Session: Comments transmitted by the Government of Denmark
A/CN.4/87 + Corr.1 Second Report on the Law of Treaties by Mr. H. Lauterpacht, Special Rapporteur
A/CN.4/88 Report of the International Law Commission Covering the Work of its Sixth Session, 3 June–28 July 1954, Official Records of the General Assembly, Ninth Session, Supplement No. 9 (A/2693)

Limited Documents

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/L.47 Agenda for the two hundred and forty-first meeting — incorporated in the table of contents of the summary record of the 241st meeting
A/CN.4/L.48 + Add.1–6 Draft of Report of the International Law Commission Covering the Work of its Sixth Session — Chapter I: Introduction
A/CN.4/L.49 Draft of Report of the International Law Commission Covering the Work of its Sixth Session — Chapter II: Nationality, Including Statelessness — Part Two — Amendments proposed by Mr. Córdova

Summary Records

Symbol Title
A/CN.4/SR.241 Summary record of the 241st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.242 Summary record of the 242nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.243 Summary record of the 243rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.244 Summary record of the 244th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.245 Summary record of the 245th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.246 Summary record of the 246th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.247 Summary record of the 247th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.248 Summary record of the 248th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.249 Summary record of the 249th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.250 Summary record of the 250th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.251 Summary record of the 251st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.252 Summary record of the 252nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.253 Summary record of the 253rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.254 Summary record of the 254th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.255 Summary record of the 255th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.256 Summary record of the 256th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.257 Summary record of the 257th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.258 Summary record of the 258th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.259 Summary record of the 259th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.260 Summary record of the 260th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.261 Summary record of the 261st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.262 Summary record of the 262nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.263 Summary record of the 263rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.264 Summary record of the 264th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.265 Summary record of the 265th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.266 Summary record of the 266th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.267 Summary record of the 267th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.268 Summary record of the 268th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.269 Summary record of the 269th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.270 Summary record of the 270th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.271 Summary record of the 271st meeting
A/CN.4/SR.272 Summary record of the 272nd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.273 Summary record of the 273rd meeting
A/CN.4/SR.274 Summary record of the 274th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.275 Summary record of the 275th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.276 Summary record of the 276th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.277 Summary record of the 277th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.278 Summary record of the 278th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.279 Summary record of the 279th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.280 Summary record of the 280th meeting
A/CN.4/SR.281 Summary record of the 281st meeting

Some documents are not available on this website for the following reasons:

  • In some cases, documents have deliberately been excluded from this website, including draft documents such as the draft report of the International Law Commission, which serves as the basis for the Commission adoption of its annual report, and which, accordingly, is superceded as soon as the final version is adopted;
  • In connection with more recent documentation (post-1995), where a Yearbook of the International Law Commission volume does not yet exist, links are provided to the version available on the United Nations Optical Disk System, i.e. the version which the Commission itself considered (and not the final edited version to be included in a Yearbook); in some cases such documents (or particular language versions thereof) are not available on that System, for technical reasons.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, summary records are available in English and French only. Additional language versions are made available as and when the respective volumes of the Yearbook are published.
  • In the case of documents issued in mimeograph format in earlier years, those that were subsequently reproduced in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission have been made available. Where hard copies of the individual documents not in the Yearbook still exist, attempts have been made to also have those digitized and placed on this site to provide as complete a collection as possible;
  • Up until 1955 documents were issued in the original language of submission, and the other linguistic versions were not always produced, i.e. some documents were only issued in English or in French or in Spanish;