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Last update: July 15, 2015

Seventh Session (1955)

Officers and Members of the Commission


Members of the Commission at the Seventh Session (1955)

  • Mr. Gilberto Amado (Brazil)
  • Mr. Douglas L. Edmonds (United States of America)
  • Sir Gerald Fitzmaurice (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)*
  • Mr. J.P.A. François (Netherlands)
  • Mr. F. V. García-Amador (Cuba)
  • Mr. Shuhsi Hsu (China)
  • Mr. Faris Bey-el-Khouri (Syria)
  • Mr. S. B. Krylov (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
  • Mr. L. Padilla Nervo (Mexico)*
  • Mr. Radhabinod Pal (India)
  • Mr. Carlos Salamanca (Bolivia)
  • Mr. A.E.F. Sandström (Sweden)
  • Mr. Georges Scelle (France)
  • Mr. Jean Spiropoulos (Greece)
  • Mr. Jaroslav Zourek (Czechoslovakia)

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* Elected to fill the casual vacancies following the resignations of Mr. H. Lauterpacht and Mr. R. Córdoba, who had been appointed judges at the International Court of Justice.